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Never Had A Boyfriend

I was busy reading today since the book I was reading had to be returned to the library today, so here is a line. Cruel I know, but sometimes you have to be to get a point across. Continue reading

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Play My Part

I was off in day-dream land while I was looking up colleges. And I came up with the following. I cannot wait to write something for it! Enjoy! Continue reading

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Ottoman In The Kitchen

Got inspired when I almost cracked my head open in my kitchen. Have some renovations going on in the living room and some of our furniture from there migrates into the kitchen on odd days. Can you guess what happens to be in there at this very moment? Continue reading

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Truth and Lies

Yay, my first Line. By the way, I find this statement to be very true for me and you will probably see it pop up in one form or another throughout my writing. Continue reading

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A Conversation Between Insane Mercenaries

Below is a dialogue “scene” (just the dialogue, no other details, did not want characters set if I want to change them later) between three mercenaries. One of which has just heard of a former team member getting killed. It was inspired by a very odd conversation I had with a friend of mine. I haven’t decided if I want to base something off of it or if I will just wait till I have a larger series that it would fit in. Feedback is always appreciated. Continue reading

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