Truth and Lies

Yay, my first Line.  By the way, I find this statement to be very true for me and you will probably see it pop up in one form or another throughout my writing. Feel free to quote me on this one if you wish, provided you actually quote.  Have a good one.

“It is easier to accept a hard truth than to forgive a lie.”

– Alora Novas

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4 Responses to Truth and Lies

  1. Joshua says:

    Hiya, rings of any sort are definitely welcome in my book. I like circles, and rings are circles so they have to be good.

    I do see that there seem to be lots of people trying to get into the habit of writing either again, or for the first time. For me, I’m not so certain what it is that I am trying to create here, but it is more about documenting challenges, or the creation of habits rather than writing because I feel I am a poet or a future novelist. I’m really just trying to use the online medium to help branch out my personal studies in new directions… I like to log things, make records, document…. Oh, and lists, I love lists.

    I have a few ideas, but I just need a little more time to flush them out in my head before I start putting them online, so for now I’m just writing to get this whole blog thing stuck in my head somewhere. Eventually I’ll work on customizing my little space a bit, for now I’m just amazed I remember how to log in to my account.

    I was pleased to see your comment, the more I see others on here, the more it at least pushes me to say SOMETHING.

    Fare thee well,

    ~ Joshua

  2. iamnovas says:

    Thank you for being the first to comment on my blog! Yes it made me happy, and I was a dork about it. A very happy dork. Woo hoo!

    I’m a poet (published in former college’s lit mag) and a novelist (works in progress), but I like to experiment with different types of writing and different styles. I find it helps keep the creative juices flowing and helps me improve my writing.

    Now on to far more important things, for getting your ideas together, I recommend checking out John D. Brown’s page for some astoundingly sensible ways to do so. You can find a link to his site under my Help With How to Write links section. I also find not thinking, not trying to do anything specific, just writing and seeing what comes out on paper helps me get my thoughts where I can see them more clearly.

    Hope it helps and a side note for future reference, be careful about saying things like “rings of any sort are definitely welcome in my book. I like circles, and rings are circles so they have to be good,” to a female (if you swing that way). 😉 There are some crazy ladies out there, guys too for that matter.

    • Joshua says:

      Oh no no, there will be no novels in my future. I was just stating something to the effect of no matter how or what I write, being a novelist is not in my future – not my thing.

      Women are crazy, but I guess I have to love them as I’m not as open minded as many; there is only one way to swing for me and that is away from the men.

      Now, I will not be writing any novels; however, I do enjoy reading… pretty much anything horror, fantasy, science-fiction, gothic/macabre type themes. Most often though I read non-fiction.

      ~ Joshua

      • iamnovas says:

        Sorry, my mistake. Should have printed it out before I read your comment. I sometimes have trouble reading from computer screens. My eyes and brain mix up the words on me.

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