The Dock Lights

Okay, sorry it took so long for this post, I know I’m behind on myself assigned quota, but here is the deal.  I’m on vacation and well, let’s just say it’s a little hard to write when you are literally burnt out from too much sun.  (Remember people, always use sun block and stay hydrated.)  To the actual intro:  Was out on the dock saw the lights, got inspired. (I thought “The Dock Lights” would make a cool title.)  And here we are.  Originally was going to write a poem.  As you can see it got out of hand. Now I’m not sure what to classify as.  Ponderings, hmm.  I like it.  A Pondering it is.

The yellow globes of light fall upon me, bathing me in their luminescence for all the world to see.  I long for the darkness and its anonymity, to hide in plain sight beyond the darkness.  A place where even the moon cannot find me for the clouds, my allies, hide me in the shadow of my own imagination.

I long for the safety and anonymity of the dark expanse before me. The place where my deepest fears and desires walk hand in hand above the glassy surface beyond.  Alas, I am thwarted.  Those pale yellow globes illuminating me and that which surrounds.

They sit there and stare off into the night, those pale yellow eyes that see too much.  Those eyes that would tell the world your secrets if anyone was to look while they gazed upon you.  Those eyes that take away the safety of the dark night, leaving shadows of the unknown in place. Those dock lights.

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