The Congress of Random Acts of Stupid:

The following is an excerpt of a fictional textbook that may or may not exist in the future.  I thought considering the current state of affairs with the world we could do with a bit of humor to lighten the mood and help us remember it isn’t quite that bad yet.

The Congress of Random Acts of Stupid:

The Congress of Random Acts of Stupid was a specific meeting in 3043 of the members of The Congress of Nations, where the representatives of the world came together in an attempt to outlaw stupidity.  Upon unanimous passing of the Bill, known as “Random Acts of Stupidity Prevention Legislation,” the collective members of the congress were immediately arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment without trial in accordance with the laws they had just passed.

They had violated their own laws with what has commonly come to be considered as the Single Greatest Random Act of Stupidity in Human History with the charge of “committing an offense against all logic, reason, and intelligence.”  The random act of stupidity that they did to commit the offense was to pass the “Random Acts of Stupidity Prevention Legislation” Bill.

Due to the sudden incarceration of the World’s congressional body, an emergency election was held to combat the situation.  The first act of the newly elected Congress of Nations was to revoke the “Random Acts of Stupidity Prevention Legislation” Bill, ensuring such a global crisis could not have an immediate repeat occurrence.

The offending congressional members were never freed and spent the remainder of their days in confinement.  This event in history has since become known as The Act.  The Act as been acknowledged as the dawn of what is referred to as the Great Golden Age in scholastic circles, though if it was the entire event or merely that the original congress was never released is unsure.

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